Masters Class for Aesthetic Physiotherapists

This Masters class is for aestheticians willing to add expertise of PRP, Mesotherapy and Micro-needling to their portfolios and to their practice. This is advanced technology which works with the body’s natural capability to heal itself. In this technology, the patient’s blood is separated into serum and platelet parts. Then they are mixed with Calcium Chloride and injected into the wrinkles, injured tissues or any other areas that need to be healed or treated. The reason this technology works is because of the large amount of natural growth factors and signaling proteins inside the concentrated platelets that promotes collagen fibrillogenesis and regeneration of the tissue. Originally the Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy was in demand due to its use in the sports injuries in athletes. However, later the benefits of these growth factors were realized in the cosmetic procedures.


PRP therapy course is taught along with the Mesotherapy program which starts with the theory. The depth of theoretic materials will enhance your confidence at your practice to deliver a safe and outstanding service for your clients. Microneedling is an effective, non-surgical, non-laser treatment that stimulates skin collagen production revealing fresh, new skin. It can stimulate the skin’s natural healing response without causing unnecessary and excessive damage such as laser treatments and chemical peel to treat scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks + hyperpigmentation.


At the completion of the course, delegates will receive an accredited certification delivered to their registered delivery address (mentioned in the registration form), non-members of NAAAM™ will also receive a NAAAM™ membership certificate (valid for 12 months). Both certificates will be logged into the verification portal within 48 hours of completion of the course.

Course Contents:

✓ Introduction to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

✓ PRP Techniques, Gun, Pen, Manual point by point

✓ Introduction to Mesotherapy

✓ Mesotherapy applications on face & neck, decollete rejuvenation, hair loss (alopecia), cellulite, and localized fat reduction.

✓ Mesotherapy application techniques

✓ Introduction to micro-needling

✓ Different available modalities of micro-needling

✓ Combination treatment planning and therapy

Entry Requirements and Pre-Requisites:

Delegates must have:

✓ Basic graduation in medical or health related studies is required.

✓ For beauty therapists, at least 1 years’ experience as a Practitioner, Beauty/ Aesthetic therapist or currently working in a medical spa or cosmetic clinic

✓ Detailed resume/ CV to be submitted along with enrollment.

✓ Delegates do not have to pass an IELTS examination, but as the course is delivered in English, proficiency in listening, reading and writing in English is assumed.

✓ Delegates completing this course have an option to opt for 1-day hands-on workshop (paid separately) in any upcoming live courses. (Please contact student affairs at, for hands-on training)

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