Masters Class for Aesthetic Nurses

Aesthetic/cosmetic nurses are registered nurses who provide a variety of services. These can include injections of dermal fillers and Botulinum neurotoxin; photo-facials; dermabrasion; micro-needling; tattoo removal; and non-surgical body contouring. (These nurses have an alternative spelling “esthetic nurse” or “esthetician’s nurse”, as well).

These nurses usually work in private offices or medical spas affiliated with plastic surgery practices or cosmetic dermatology practices. Cosmetic nurses provide services to a wide range of patients who are seeking a boost in their appearance and self-confidence. 

Most patients who seek this kind of treatment are women, but men are increasingly seeking these treatments too, adding even more demand for medical aesthetics procedures.

Course Contents:

✓ Introduction to Aesthetic Medicine and different work roles in aesthetic medicine

✓ Basic anatomy of skin and different skin types

✓ Process of ageing and classification

✓ Anti-Ageing skin modalities and treatment planning

✓ Skin Rejuvenation techniques

✓ Introduction to Lasers, Safety and Precautions

✓ Laser use for skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, Hair and Tattoo Removal and treatment of vascular and pigment conditions

✓ Common modalities for non-surgical body contouring

✓ Introduction to Botulinum toxin and different techniques of administration

✓ Introduction to Dermal Fillers and different techniques of administration

✓ Post-procedure nursing care for patients

✓ Introduction to Aesthetic Facility, management and business workflows

✓ Common required documentation for aesthetic procedure planning

✓ Managing day to day aesthetic work

✓ Hands-on Practical session with taught techniques

Entry Requirements and Pre-Requisites:

Delegates must have:

✓ Basic graduation

✓ Registered RN or NA, or proof of enrollment in a nursing program

✓ Detailed resume/ CV to be submitted along with enrollment.

✓ Delegates do not have to pass an IELTS examination, but as the course is delivered in English, proficiency in listening, reading and writing in English is assumed.

✓ As the hands-on session of this Masters Class includes cosmetic injectables and advanced treatments, which will be administered on real-life patients, hence all work-shops are conducted under the supervision of licensed medical practitioners.

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