Level 1: Professional Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine

The latest trends in derma and skin care result in an increased demand for aesthetic services and cosmetic therapies – by skilled aesthetic practitioners. Patients with aesthetic and ageing skin conditions prefer to receive the treatment modalities from a trusted, qualified aesthetician. Meeting your patients’ aesthetic concerns and helping them to regain their skin healthy appearance and confidence will build long-term loyalty. This course is strictly science-based, quality-assured by NAAAM™ educational quality cell, is delivered by trained, experienced aesthetic medicine faculties to registered delegates and provides hands-on training in the evolving field of aesthetic medicine. You will also acquire the medical and business knowledge required to integrate the services immediately into your practice.


This certificate course will provide the aesthetician with a range of skills including:

Concepts of aesthetic medicine, facial ageing and skin classifications

Facial anatomy, facial anesthesia and planning of cosmetic procedures

Skin rejuvenation and topical skin treatments

Introduction to chemical peels, indications and treatment planning

Introduction to chemical composition and safe practice of Botulinum toxin

Introduction to dermal fillers and basic filler techniques

Introduction to Medical Lasers, Safety and Precautions

Laser use for skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, Hair and Tattoo Removal and treatment of vascular and pigment conditions

Common modalities for non-surgical body contouring

Introduction to Ultrasound and Radiofrequency treatments

Latest trends in aesthetic medicine practice

Strategies to integrate and market aesthetic services in your practice

Business strategies to setup an aesthetic practice

Hands-on Practical session with taught techniques

Entry Requirements and Pre-Requisites:

This professional certificate in Aesthetic Medicine is tailored for health professionals with a keen interest in the science of aesthetic medicine and who wish to enhance their practice in this field. Delegates can expect to develop solid foundation knowledge in the safe practice of highly requested aesthetic treatments for anti-ageing. The course is suitable for medical/ dental doctors, allied field professionals keen to add aesthetic services to their practice and beauty & aesthetic therapists.


Delegates must have:

Basic graduation in the medical or health related studies is required.

Delegates do not have to pass an IELTS examination, but as the course is delivered in English, proficiency in listening, reading and writing in English is assumed.

As the hands-on session of this Professional Certificate course includes cosmetic injectables, medicated chemical peels and lasers, which will be administered on            real-life patients, delegates must hold professional qualifications and licensure of their respective jurisdiction of practice or domicile.

* Please note cosmetic injectables can only be prescribed and administered by qualified practitioners, hence all work-shops are conducted under the supervision of             licensed medical practitioners.

Certification and Accreditation:

Upon successful completion of this course requirements, delegates will receive the Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, accredited by the North American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine®, Board of Aesthetic Medicine® and National Society of Aesthetics™. All official certificates will be logged in the electronic database, which can be verified through the verification portal.

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