Beauty/ Aesthetic Therapist Registration:

Eligibility and Requirements:

For membership as Medical/ Dental Practitioner, the delegate must have completed the following:

 3 years of continuous work experience.
 Has completed a university graduation or has completed a formal educational training.
 Must be a licensed Beauty/ Aesthetic Therapist or willing to be licensed as a beauty therapist.
 For more details on the selection criteria* on Beauty/ Aesthetic therapist please contact,, along with a detailed CV, a scan copy of educational certificates and experience letters*.


*In cases like these all evaluations are done by the membership committee and a report is forwarded to the executive education board. The president along with the board gives the final decision on such cases. Decision by the board is final and if any action plan is given to the delegate the same must be followed, else the delegate risks losing the membership.

Before proceeding further, kindly make sure the following documents are available for attachment to this electronic form.

Personal Identification:

Government Issued ID** (Showing complete Doctor name and Father’s/ Husband’s Name)
   *Official Passport, Official Identification Card or Drivers’ License only. Hospital ID, Work ID will no be accepted as         an official document.
Passport Size Photograph
Educational Qualification/ Licensure:
Color Scan copy of the Basic Medical/ Dental Qualification
Color Scan copy of all Advanced Certifications/ Qualification, if mentioned in the e-form of registration
Color Scan copy of Licensure(s)
Updated CV/ Resume

New Beauty/ Aesthetic Therapist Membership FORM:

    (For titles of ‘Dr.’, ‘Prof.’, proof of completion of required certification/ postgraduation must be attached.)

    Personal Information:
    First Name*
    Middle Name*
    Last/Family Name *
    Date of Birth*
    Country of Practice*
    Attach Government ID*
    (Passport, Official ID or Driver’s License)
    Attach Passport Size Picture*

    Contact Detail:
    Mailing Address, Line 1*
    Mailing Address, Line 2
    Zip Code/ Postal Code*
    Contact Phone (Mobile)*
    Contact Phone (Home)*
    Contact Phone (Work)
    Email Address (Personal)*
    Email Address (Work)

    Social Media Details:
    WhatsApp Number*
    Instagram ID
    Facebook ID
    Linkedin ID

    Work/ Practice Place Details (If Practicing):
    Name of Work place

    Education Details:
    Name of Qualification*
    Date of Graduation*
    University of Awarding the Qualification*
    Country of Graduation*
    Attach Certificate*


    Any Advanced Certification and Qualifications 01
    Date of Completion
    Attach Certificate


    Any Advanced Certification and Qualifications 02
    Date of Completion
    Attach Certificate


    Any Advanced Certification and Qualifications 03
    Date of Completion
    Attach Certificate

    Practice Licensure Details (If Any):
    Practice License Number
    Practice License Issuing Country
    Attach License Copy

    Attached Any Additional Documents here:
    Attach CV/ Resume*
    Name to be printed on the Membership Certificate/ Card*