About Us

With the advent of modern medicine

Aesthetic medicine has been part of the field, but was never taught as a subject in its own right. Experience Trained doctors (Dermatologist, Cosmetologists, Aestheticians & Plastic Surgeons) only learnt the subject by apprenticeship and by attending congresses. In the last 60 years, life expectancy has increased considerably and people have become much more concerned with their appearance. Aestheticians are the best trained people to meet these new needs.

Why Choose Us


➤ Internationally trained
➤ Board certified from international organizations
➤ Experienced and well-versed faculty

Educational Quality

➤ Educational trainings are evaluated yearly
➤ Updated latest training materials
➤ Latest technologies used during sessions


Full hands-on
Practical Training

➤ Skin Conditions, Rejuvenation, Anti-Ageing
➤ Safe & Effective Injectable techniques
➤ Latest techniques, technologies and best practices


➤ Prestigious course certification
➤ Online verification of certification
➤ Certificates are accredited by NABAM® and NAS®


➤ Internationally trained
➤ Board certified from international organizations
➤ Experienced and well-versed faculty

The Academy (NAAAM™) over the years, has made great efforts to improve the quality of training particularly of its Board Certification training and program. It has introduced Education Quality Department, which specializes in maintaining a rapport with its active members and Board-Certified Diplomates (BCD) in enhancing teaching methodologies and innovating techniques in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology.

NAAAM™ has re-organized its programs on the basis of competencies and outcomes and invested heavily on Information Technology to develop its own system of automated live certificate verification and active membership verifications. 

NAAAM™ has introduced electronic monitoring of Board Examination (requirement of North American Board of Aesthetic Medicine®, NABAM®) through live exam monitoring portals. .The board examination is hence one of its kind, the most competent examination offered by the Academy for the Board and serves as a standard of Aesthetic qualification in the field of Aesthetics. The assessment for Board Certification is finally conducted through a candidate friendly, but a robust system of examinations, steered by the experienced members of aesthetic profession from within the US and abroad.

NAAAM™ conducts practical Masters Class workshop and has introduced Online sessions, for its registered delegates around the globe.

NAAAM™ also conducts Practical Masters classes and workshops for its registered delegates around the globe, catering the educational needs of professionals Aesthetic Physicians & Dentists, Aesthetic Nurses. Allied Health professionals, Cosmetologists and Beauty Therapists.

NAAAM™ is an open body, and is driven by its members, diplomate and council members, where the council members are elected through open nominations among the active members of the Academy and the President of the Academy is elected among council members by council polling.

The efforts of its Members, Board-certified Diplomates and successive councils have helped NAAAM™ in fetching world-wide recognition. NAAAM™ with these achievements today assumes a distinguished and a prestigious position among the aesthetics training and certification institutions globally.