The Academy

The North American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine® (NAAAM™) is a specialized training academy of Aesthetic Practitioners, where training curriculums are developed by experienced international practitioners and delivered by registered faculty with hands-on practice.

NAAAM™ was built as an institution which later developed into an academy of professionalized training; training physicians and practitioners, to be ‘Registered’ as a member and be ‘Certified’ in the growing field of Aesthetic Medicine. NAAAM™ takes the lead in professionalizing the Aesthetic Medicine practice through a combination of, ‘curriculum-based’ and ‘hands-on workshops’, training provided by experienced international Faculty of Medical Doctors (experienced Dermatologists, Aestheticians, Plastic Surgeons, Gynecologists and Cosmotologists), certified laser therapists and aesthetic medicine practitioners who are at the forefront of aesthetic practice in the world.

North American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine® (NAAAM™), certified physicians have demonstrated that they have a proper training, clinical skills and knowledge essential for the safe and excellent practice of aesthetic medicine. Adding skills from NAAAM™ certified training courses, gives an added confidence to the practitioner for being a safe and effective aesthetician. The training courses are so designed that the registered delegates are prepared for the real world of aesthetic practice and may register for the board certificate examination and be titled ‘Board Certified-Diplomate’, through the board examination of Aesthetic Medicine.

Our Membership Plans

 Join the prestigious academy and display you name in the members directory

Medical/ Dental Practitioner Membership

● Medical Practitioner (MD, MS, DO, MBBS, MBBChB, etc.)
● Dental Practitioner (BDS, DDS, MDS, DMD, etc.)
● Specialist Practitioners (Post-graduation)
● Consultant Practitioners (Board Certified, Registered Consultants, Master and/or PhD holders).

Allied Health Practitioner Membership

● Physician Assistant (PA), Nurse Practitioner (NP, RN, etc.)
●Practitioners (B.Pharm, D.Pharm, Pharm.D, BSc. Nursing, BSc. Phar, BSc. Cosmetics & Derma.

Beauty Therapist Membership

● Certified Beauty Therapists Level 01, Level 02.
● Completed GCSE, IGCSE or Equivalent education examination
● Current work experience is a MUST.

Student Membership

● Medical Students (MD, MS, DO, MBBS, MBBChB, etc.)
● Dental Students (BDS, DDS, MDS, DMD, etc.)
● Active enrollment in a recognized medical/ dental school
● Allied Health students may also apply, if they have documents proving their active enrollment in their respective course.

Master Course

Enroll for an accredited certificate course

Professional Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine

The latest trends in derma and skin care result in an increased demand for aesthetic services and cosmetic therapies – by skilled aesthetic practitioners. Patients with aesthetic and ageing skin conditions prefer to receive the treatment modalities from a trusted, qualified aesthetician.

Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine

The advanced diploma in Aesthetic Medicine will help you acquire the most advanced clinical knowledge and critical awareness of aesthetic medicine principles and treatment options. The course has been designed for aesthetic practitioners.

Advanced Botulinum Toxin A and Fillers

This Masters class is developed for those aesthetic practitioners wanting to further expand their foundation training. With vastly growing non-surgical aesthetic procedures, completing this advanced training will not only put you ahead of your own expertise 

Advanced Facial Thread Lifting

This Masters class in Advanced Facial Threads training course is designed for aesthetic doctors, dentists and nurses looking to incorporate new advanced non-surgical procedures into their practice. This course is an introduction to PDO threads and focuses on understanding the principles behind collagen stimulation

Masters Class for Aesthetic Nurses

Aesthetic/cosmetic nurses are registered nurses who provide a variety of services. These can include injections of dermal fillers and Botulinum neurotoxin; photo-facials; dermabrasion; micro-needling; tattoo removal; and non-surgical body contouring.

Masters Class for Physiotherapists

Aesthetic/cosmetic physiotherapist are registered physiotherapists who provide a variety of services in their private offices or medical spas. These include, Medical/ Therapeutic Massage, Photofacials, dermabrasions, micro-needling, non-surgical body contouring and Botulinum Toxin administration.

Educational Quality Cell

➤ Connect with practitioners from all over
➤ Educational trainings are evaluated yearly
➤ Updated latest training materials

Full hands-on Practical Training

➤ Skin Conditions, Rejuvenation, Anti-Ageing
➤ Safe & Effective Injectable techniques
➤ Latest techniques, technologies and best practices

Specialist Faculty

➤ Internationally trained
➤ Board certified from international organizations
➤ Experienced and well-versed faculty

Accredited Certificates

➤ Prestigious course certification
➤ Online verification of certification
➤ Certificates are accredited by NABAM® and NAS®

Bedazzled Awards UAE

Best Professional Aesthetics Training Academy 2021

Our Faculty

Meet few of our international faculty

Dr. Ben Hanson

Consultant medical practitioner with Royal College Fellowship in Family Medicine & American Diplomate in Aesthetic Medicine. Currently the voted president of the Academy and international trainer in Medicine and Aesthetics. Immense training expertise and specializes in anti-aging aesthetic procedures.

Dr. Amal Hubail

Specialist in Dermatology, graduate of Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland). With post-graduation masters from Moscow, Russia and Boston, USA. Currently residing in USA, an international faculty for NAAAM. With clinical/ operational expertise in Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Asad Rind

Trained in medicine and aesthetics from internationally. Post graduate masters in Dermatology and Cosmetic Medicine. Master injector and international trainer of NAAAM. Experienced in Lasers, Botulinum Toxin, Dermal Fillers & Non-invasive cosmetic gynecology.